ADIA is the peak business organisation representing manufacturers and suppliers of dental products. Our vision is for an industry that empowers oral health professionals to advance the health and wellbeing of all Australians...................... — ADIA Strategic Plan

Advocacy — Developing a skilled workforce

The dental industry’s strength rests in the combination of small and large businesses that are profitable and have the freedom to be responsive to changes in the marketplace for dental products. Their capacity to supply quality dental products profitably is highly dependent on a pro-business environment which fosters innovation, minimises red tape and reduces excessive government taxes and charges.

Strategic priority —

ADIA member businesses recognise that their growth and profitability is underpinned by a skilled and productive workforce that is able to respond to changes in technology and work practices. We seek to create an environment in which vocational education and training is recognised for its economic and social benefits. This underpins the dental industry’s ability to offer quality goods and services that support dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals in delivering superior dental and oral healthcare services.

Actions required by government —

Improve education and training as a demand-driven system that is specifically aligned to industry needs.
Support the allocation of government funding to education and training outcomes that provide incentives
aafor employers to participate, maximise opportunities for participants and enhance efficiencies
aawithin the system.
Expand the role of competitive markets in all sectors by pursuing open competition principles that
aadiversify the supply of education.
Create competitive conditions that enhance the 'user choice' principle.
Maximise education and training pathways from school to the workplace.
Align packaging of training standards leading to a national qualification under the Australian
aaQualifications Framework .
Respond to the growing need for students to undertake workplace learning programs that develop links
aawith industry and create pathways to further training and employment.
Acknowledge, develop and assess, in a contextual manner, employability skills.
Improve and integrate careers education, employability skills and enterprise education principles into
aathe education and training system.
Support articulation arrangements across school, vocational education and training and higher
aaeducation sectors.
Promote training reform which is enterprise focused, demand driven, flexible, mindful of all
aaparties involved and devoid of extensive bureaucracy.

Advocacy partner —

ADIA’s partner in delivering outcomes across this policy area is the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AusChamber).

Industry benefits —

The direct outcome for ADIA member businesses are increased profitability, workforce productivity and service quality as a result of a training framework that recognises and can adapt to the needs of the dental industry.

This priority reflects ADIA's commitment to ensure a strong, dynamic and globally competitive Australian economy by advancing the cause of economic reform. The reforms set out above are part of a considered and balanced reform agenda that will achieve a number of outcomes including lowering and simplifying taxes, streamlining the federation, reducing the size of government, eliminating red-tape, improving efficiency and enhancing our national productivity.

Member Engagement —

ADIA provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities and directly benefit from the results. The issues that ADIA staff progress progresses at a parliamentary and departmental level are identified by members serving on the ADIA-TCPC Trade & Commercial Policy Committee and the ADIA-PRPC Product Regulation Policy Committee.

Further Information —

If you have an interest in ADIA's work at a parliamentary and departmental level to secure the policy reforms that support businesses in the dental industry, for updates subscribe to the Twitter feed @AusDental or follow us on Facebook at Alternatively, you can contact the Association via email at or by telephone on 1300 943 094.


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