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ADIA Chief Executive's Update - November 2016

ADIA Chief Executive's Update - November 2016

1st Nov 16



This week the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) convenes its annual general meeting and in this context it's appropriate that we review our activities over the past year.

It’s great to see a long-term vision achieved and for those of us working at ADIA, that’s what this year has been all about. Five years ago the ADIA Board set an ambitious series of goals to grow membership, develop our policy advocacy capacity, create new trade-show opportunities, develop new training programmes and build a financially secure association. In 2016 we finalised the delivery of these outcomes – in full – thanks to the contribution of those serving on the ADIA National Committees and the leadership of the ADIA State Branch Presidents.


Exhibitions —

For many businesses the highlight of the year was the ADX16 Sydney exhibition, Australia’s premier dental event. Attracting the largest number of dentists than ever before and cementing its status as the nation’s largest healthcare trade show, post-event analysis of exhibitor comment provided a clear assessment that ADX16 Sydney was an important driver of sales for member businesses. That ADX16 Sydney has been recognised in this years awards convened by the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA), an accolade that sets ADX16 Sydney amongst the leading exhibitions nation-wide, is a tribute to all involved in organising this event.

Mid-year we convened to 2016 ADIA Victorian Dental Show and managed trade shows on behalf of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (ADPA) and the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association (ADOHTA).

Policy Advocacy —

From a policy advocacy perspective, 2016 will go down as a landmark year in which the dental industry secured lasting reforms that reduce the compliance burden associated with manufacturing and supplying dental products. This outcome is the result of a sustained campaign by ADIA, supported by other stakeholders in the medical device sector, which has seen the Minister for Health accept all of the key recommendations supported by ADIA arising from the review into medicines and medical device regulation.

Earlier this year ADIA was able to negotiate changes to the medical device regulatory framework that revised the mandatory reporting requirements for manufacturers and importers of dental laboratory products.

ADIA has also provided the Australian Government with advice on matters as diverse as proposed changes to competition law and misuse of market powercorporate tax cuts in addition to the functions of the Medical Research Future Fund.

Stakeholder Engagement —

Building collaborative partnerships with allied industry associations plus stakeholders in the dental and oral health community continued to be a major focus throughout 2016. This year the number of meetings with politicians, business leaders and those representing dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals reached a record high. Engagement on social media has also helped ADIA advance the interests of members and the ADIA page on Facebook this year surpassed fifty thousand supporters, creating one of the largest online communities for any type of business organisation nation-wide.

Administration & Financial Management —

From an administrative perspective the outcomes of 2016 have been pleasing. The commissioning of new IT infrastructure has simplified ADIA’s operations and in so doing reduced administrative costs. From a financial perspective, solid planning and an adherence to budget targets saw ADIA achieve a surplus of $404,081 ($313,772 after a change to shareholdings is taken into account) in FY2015-16, which will be sustained over the next two years. This strong position allows ADIA to deliver services at a lower cost to members lower than would normally be possible, and also fully-fund the commitments set out in the new 2016-20 ADIA Strategic Plan.

National Office Building —

The year closes with the sale of ADIA’s property in inner-south Sydney and the purchase of a nearby larger property that provides a modern high-tech office for staff and quality meeting spaces for use by members without charge. The complex negotiations that facilitated these transactions have provided a significant positive contribution to ADIA’s balance sheet, underpinning the Association’s sound financial position into the long-term and our ability to keep the price of membership, exhibitions and training programmes low for member businesses.

This year's annual general meeting will be held in conjunction with the 2016 Australian Dental Industry Growth Conference and it's not too late to register for this event. For further information visit: 

At the annual general meeting we will recognise the contribution of the ADIA Board, the ADIA National Committees and ADIA State Branches that worked to secure these outcomes for members.  I take this opportunity to forward my thanks to these individuals and the team in the ADIA National Office.



Troy R Williams FAIM MAICD
Chief Executive Officer


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